I made $100 in Four Days in Mobile Reward App – Mobi.to

Before we discuss the strategy how to earn $100 for every 4 days, let me briefly describe what Mobi.to really is. Mobi.to is an innovative mobile reward app, and this is not the reward program site you used to know. Mobi.to for sure is the innovation in reward program that you can actually make some money.

Mobi is similar to Appbounty and FreeMyApps. When you download the sponsor apps, you will gain the credit, typically 500 credits per download. After you have had enough credits, you can redeem the credits to exchange the gift cards or Paypal money.

To earn $100 in Mobi.to, you need 97800 credits. It doesn’t sound like easily to get these credits. But if you employ a good strategy, particularly the trick of referral, you can be in an auto-pilot state collecting $100 every 4 days. And you can easily make $750 per month or more with Mobi.to


Reason to join Mobi.to rather than Appbounty or FreeMyApps

1) If you don’t want the gift card, it will send Paypal to me directly.

2) Its referral program has 3 levels. Other only has 1 level.

3) It has more international apps but other mainly target to U.S.

4) It is a new program. It provides more promotion and exclusive apps right now.

My Mobi.to Journey to Success

I joined Mobi in Jun 30 and reached more than 97800 credits in 4 days. Then I sent the request to redeem $100. Even though it completed in Jul 5, I receive payment until Jul 24. In order to get fast earning in this kind of program, you need to depend on referral program. Otherwise, it is hard to gain credit if only download the sponsor apps.

My Strategy 1 – Invite my friends

If you are good at convincing people to join Mobi.to under your name, you can enjoy some nice earning in Mobi.to without spending more time to find referrals. Let say if you have invited 100 friends to join Mobi.to. Each of them earn 10,000 credits in four days. You can earn 100 x 10,000 x 5% = 50,000 credits. At the same time, your 100 friends also invite their buddy to join Mobi.to (Let say 2 friends with 10,000 credits for each). You can then earn 100 x 2 x 10,000 x 2% = 40,000 credits. In addition, your friends’ referrals invite their friends to join (Let say 1 friends with 10,000 credit for each). You will earn 200 x 1 x 10,000 x 1% = 20,000 credits.

As a result, you can earn 110,000 credits. Of course, this is ideal number. But if you communicate closely with your friends, it is possible to reach this number.

My Strategy 2 – Forums

Forums are a great and free way of getting Direct Referrals. In there, you can add some of your Referral Links, your Blog Link, etc in your signature that is exposed to every other member in every post you make.

My Strategy 3 – Make your own blog

Blogs are great tools to get referrals. Set up your own blog for free, you can make it using services like: http://www.blogspot.com ; WordPress.com — Get a Free Blog Here or Weebly – Create a free website and a free blog, write some info about mobile reward programs, add your Referral Links and/or banners and it’s done. Remember to always keep your blog updated; blogs that are regularly updated get more readers than the ones who are not.

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